Clip-in Remy Extensions 160G 20" (60) Ash Blonde
Clip-in Remy Extensions 160G 20" (60) Ash Blonde
Clip-in Remy Extensions 160G 20" (60) Ash Blonde
Clip-in Remy Extensions 160G 20" (60) Ash Blonde

Clip-in Remy Extensions 160G 20" (60) Ash Blonde

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Shybexa Clip-in Remy Extensions are a perfect fit for those that want a quick and easy solution to get long, lustrous locks in no time! Clip-in Extensions are a great option to create longer, fuller, voluminous hair. With these clip in extensions you will be sure to have the soft, thick, luxurious hair that you've always wanted in minutes! They can be quickly installed and removed.

How are They Made?

Shybexa Clip-in Extensions are made with 100% Genuine Remy Human Hair so they can be washed, blow- dried, flat ironed and/or curled using hot tools just as with your own hair. Because they are produced with high quality Remy they blend seamlessly with your own hair. Our clips are equipped with a silicone strip that minimizes slippage while in your hair so there is no need for backcombing your hair or using hairspray to prevent slippage. Thin clip-in extensions, no more! They are double drawn meaning that they are super thick from top to bottom! And did we mention, they are-oh-so incredibly soft!

Our Clip-in Extensions are made a with multi-tone adapt coloring system which helps the extensions blend exceptionally well with your hair even if your hair shade is slightly different.

Double Drawn Range-Ensuring thickness from top to Bottom!

Silicone Strip Clips-to minimize slippage and prevent damage to your hair.

Product Summary:

Total Weight- 160 Grams

Length-20"" inches

Weft sizes included in Full Head Set:

1 : 8"" weft with 4 clips

1 : 7"" weft with 4 clips

2 : 6"" wefts with 3 clips

2 : 4"" wefts with 2 clips

4 : 1.5"" wefts with 1clip

Total Pieces : 10

How do I install my Shybexa Clip-in hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are by far the easiest to install. They can easily be put in and removed as you wish. They simply and discreetly clip on to your own hair.

A) Divide your hair into sections by putting your hair in a high ponytail.

B) Make a part horizontally where you will add your first weft. (There is no need to tease or apply hairspray to prevent the clips from slipping. Our clips are designed with a silicone strip to prevent slipping).

C) Clip in the hair, first on each side then the middle. Make another horizontal row and repeat throughout the head. You will continue to let down more hair from the ponytail as you add more rows of extensions.

D) Apply the larger sized wefts to the back of the head, and the smaller wefts to the sides of the head. E) Be careful to leave out your own hair line around the perimeter of your head so your Shybexa clip-ins will blend well, appearing natural, seamless, and flawless!.